Passionate about design and strategy Passionate about design and strategy Passionate about design and strategy

Hi there! I'm Nicolás Ochoa – a problem solver, a team builder, an opportunity finder. I’m a design director with 16+ years of experience in the creative world

Through all these years, I've developed cross-disciplinary skills that let me approach different types of projects in a very strategic fashion. Coming from an Industrial Design background based on rigorous, in-depth research, I have evolved to a holistic design approach with a strong emphasis on UX / UI solutions.

During my career, I've been able to work and lead different projects that had helped international brands such as John Deere, Perking Elmer, and Corona, among others. I've also built a highly efficient, multitalented team that will bring any challenging project to life.

The work that I´ve led has been granted eleven Global recognitions from the most prestigious International Awards such as "Red Dot design award", "IF design award", "A´Design Award", and "Good Design Award", among others.

What others says about me:

"Nicolas is an outstanding Designer and Leader. I had the great pleasure to collaborate with Nico for 4 years while working at the NYC-based design consultancy: Curve ID. During this time, I witnessed his exceptional design expertise and the important role that he played in a wide variety of design projects for high-profile companies such as John Deere, Perkin Elmer, OXO, MUMA and many others.
His impressive creative and leadership abilities have allowed him to successfully transform innovative ideas into reality, while bringing the best from any design team he has worked with."

Dario Narvaez

Senior Designer at Peloton. NYC

"Great design can only come from the hands of people who care for others; Nicolas is not only a user-driven designer but a great leader.
I have known Nicolas for ten years, and It is evident that he is an undeniable design talent. The breadth and quality of Nicola’s work speak for itself, but also from the people who have worked with him, who always speak about his sensibility for mentorship, empathy, and nurturing great design."

Alvaro Uribe

Founder at Aztro. NYC