Ingo Chair

Ingo is an innovative task chair made for the Latin American Brand, Muma.

Ingo is a project I led when I was at Curve Id in NYC. Muma commissioned us to create the first task chair to be produced in Colombia.

We found that people spend about nine years of their lives sitting in their offices, and 93% of this time, they┬┤re sitting on their work chairs. For people to stay healthy, feel comfortable, work efficiently, and have good posture habits is necessary to have a chair that supports and follows the body.

To understand the process of getting the chair from manufacture to end-user, we had conversations with all stakeholders at MUMA. We talked with the manufacturing team, engineering, design, and sales departments, to understand their needs. We interviewed architects and buyers from the contract industry to know what they look at when choosing a task chair. We then went to the final user, interviewing them to understand their perspectives and behavior concerning the task chair and their working environment. We also benchmarked the most notable brands to identify the minimum features we needed to add to the chair.

Once in the development phase, we created low-resolution prototypes to test ergonomics a material behavior. We worked together with Material's experts at Dupont, to find the correct specification for our product.