Lanzamiento 2020 Corona

This virtual exhibition compiles every product Corona launched in 2020, accompanied by a live event.

2020 was a very challenging year for everyone, things got complicated, and everything shifted from one day to the next. It became virtually impossible for Corona to do its yearly Product Launch due to mobility and health restrictions. Covid made us adapt and change from a physical event to a digital one.

As a team, we wanted to replicate in the most accurate way what used to be a formal event, where people were invited to a speech, in which we explain to them all of the novelties of our new products. Then moved to a room where they can appreciate those novelties. This is way we split our event in three different moments:

1st phase:

We created expectations with an automated email marketing campaign, where we sent about 21k emails with an efective rate of 30% aprox.

2nd phase:

We first built a Landing page where people register to the event. We also built a web platform to showcase every product for each UBN (Business Units). For this we had to create docens of photorrealistic images, animations, videos, and 360° images. We then create 3d hall as an index for this platform where you can access to each category.

3er phase:

The final moment was the live event itself. For this we ran 7 live events during two days with a number of 1527 assistants, three times more than the previous year.